Monday, October 24, 2011

How to activate Battlefield 3 NOW!

If you have pre-ordered Battlefield 3, you have probably also downloaded the game and tried to start it. And gotten a message saying it's not available yet. However, the game was released in certain parts of the world (like Malaysia) on the 25th, and the activation check when you launch the game only checks the location of your IP.

So by using a proxy in e.g. Malaysia, you can activate the game NOW.

How? First, exit Origin. Then, find a Malaysian proxy, like the ones on this page:

Go the Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options:

Under Internet Options, go to Connections and then LAN Settings:

Check the "Use proxy server" option, and enter a proxy server from the list. Note that some may not work, but as of right now, the top server on the linked list does work:

Click OK. To verify that the proxy is working, start Internet Explorer and go to It should say that your IP is from Malaysia.

Now, start Origin and log in. Launch Battlefield 3 from Origin, and the activation process will starts. When successful it will launch battlelog. This page may not show correctly with the proxy on, so if your browser cannot display the page, simply turn off the proxy server and reload the page.

Battlefield 3 should now be activated!

After you have removed the proxy settings, you need to restart Origin as well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Super Mario with only 600 points

Some people try to get the most points possible, but getting the least can be just as difficult. And no deaths!

Super Mario -- 600 Points, No Deaths - Watch more Game Trailers